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Vegetarian Fish Oil

Vegetarian Fish Oil, Reasons to Consume It


If you need to find some alternatives to fish oil supplements, vegetarian fish oil will be a good option. There are some reasons why people should be aware with some fish oils available in the market. People should realize that they need a proper amount of omega 3 fatty acids. For vegetarians, they may be able to prevent harmful effects of cholesterol and dangerous chemicals. Fish oils can be found in some oily fish such as mackerel, tuna and salmon. If you are going to buy fish oils, it will be really helpful if learn more details about fish oil, vegetarian alternative to fish oil and other things about vegetarian fish oil.

Vegetarian Fish Oil

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Vegetarian Fish Oil with omega 3 fatty acids

Those who have known about benefits of fish oil should consider choosing vegetarian fish oil. For vegetarians, consuming fish oils may violates their principal and the first reason why they opt to become as a vegetarian. However, it is possible to get nutritional benefits that you are missing for deciding not to eat fish oil. What you should consider is to find fish oil substitute where you can omega 3 fatty acids. The good news is that you can get fish oil alternative that will give the same results just like when consuming fish oils. Some of these vegetarian options are:

  • Black currant oil: Black currant oil contains with stearidonic acid and omega 3 fatty acids ALA that will be really helpful in improving the cardiovascular system and maintaining hormones.
  • Vegetarian fish oil replacement supplements: If you search around through some stores, you can find fish oil capsules that can be used as alternatives of fish oils.
  • Algae combined with seed oil/nut: Vegetarians can also consume algae that will convert omega 3 fatty acids from seeds and nuts.
  • Flax seed oil: The next option that you can consider is to consume flax seed oil as you can also get all benefits of fish oils from flax seed oil

Among some of these options, flax seed oil and algae such as spirulina are known as the best combination when it comes to vegetarian fish oil. Read the rest of this entry »